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Marriage, Child, Adolescent, Individual, and Couples Psychotherapy.Providing a supportive environment in the process of healing and personal growth


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A guided path to good communication, partnered growth, and a better marriage. Couples that engaged in pre-marital counseling had a 30 % higher marital success rate than those who did not.

Relationship Issues

Creating intimacy through better communication. Problem solving skills as well as a deeper commitment to the couple’s bubble to ensure a healthy relationship.

Marriage and Family Issues

Today’s more complicated, more stressful lives, place increased stress on our marriages and on our families. Holistic psychotherapy Queens teaches us to address these issues with empathy, love, respect and healthy communication.


Working through, and coping with past traumatic, overwhelming, experiences to help us ensure a better future. Batsheva is certified with and uses EMDR, Somatic Intervention, CSAT and other modalities tailored to your individual needs.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy tool to heal from past traumatic experiences through bilateral stimulation of the brain.

Somatic Interventions

Somatic Intervention is a psychotherapeutic approach toward healing trauma through a felt sense process in the body.

Addictions and Recovery

Using the addiction-trauma model, Batsheva creates a multilevel structured plan to overcome roadblocks in the recovery process.


Getting to the root of what may be causing the depression using various tools, is the basis for the holistic psychotherapy approach to heal body and soul.


Mindfulness is a psychological state of being in the present-,ultimately  maintaining moment to moment awareness- allowing the body and mind to be grounded.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Batsheva will assist you in exploring the causes and symptoms of anxiety, while using tools and resources to respond to these stressors in a healthy way.

Technology Addictions

Understanding how the brain gets simulated by digital media and technology, and the damage that it causes to the quality of our lives and our relationships is the key

Anger and Stress Management

Batsheva teaches techniques such as grounding and deep breathing in order to increase calm, and relaxed, responses. This leads to greater self control.

Eating Disorders

Batsheva designs tailored holistic psychotherapeutic programs which includes CBT (cognitive behaviorioral therapy), trauma work & healthy nutrition

Parenting Issues

Parents are responsible for helping their children develop life skills, healthy communication skills, and social skills. Batsheva will team with you to help to create a safe space.

Grief and Loss

Using self healing techniques such as time lines, journaling, meditations, and trauma work, create the ability to move through the pain and accept a renewal of life.

Self Esteem and Identity Issues

With various resources and coping skills, we design new and realistic goals, to overcome the emotional and practical obstacles, moving towards a healthy sense of self.


Self hypnosis will aid in achieving clarity of brain, concentration on present and old memories, and a state of relaxation. Hypnosis can assist in reducing anxiety and in the treatment of addiction.


Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses techniques like focusing the mind on a specific object or thought for the purpose of achieving clarity.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a practice involving mind and body which Batsheva uses to evoke mental images that can stimulate sensory perception (the five senses).

Healthy Lifestyle

Using a holistic mind-body approach, Batsheva looks at each patient’s individual needs before initiating work in a particular healing modality. She utilizes nutritional healing to correct physical imbalances


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