Batsheva Gruber-Nass (LMFT CSAT GMAT EMDR SI)

30+ Years Of Professional Experience

Batsheva is a licensed Marriage and Family psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience. Working with individuals, (adults, teen, and children), couples therapy, and families, she specializes in trauma, eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and divorce; combining spiritual and nutritional components with clinical psychology. Batsheva has special training in codependency, sex, love, internet, game, and gambling addictions Therapy; and utilizes specific techniques including EMDR, Somatic Intervention, as well as focus and grounding for trauma and disassociation.

Using a holistic mind-body approach, Batsheva looks at each patient’s individual needs before initiating work in a particular healing modality. She utilized
nutritional healing to correct physical imbalances, meditation and stress relief tools to prompt changes in lifestyle patterns, and medical hypnosis, as a tool for changing ingrained habits and thought processes.

As the oldest child born to a family of holocaust survivors in Israel, Batsheva Gruber-Nass knew early on that she had a natural affinity for helping others heal from their emotional and spiritual wounds. Growing up in a country where just surviving was the daily routine, she learned to be emotionally strong. However, she also observed from her own family how old emotional traumas can damage one’s spirit, and knew, someday, that she would work in a healing profession.

While she is an orthodox, torah observant, Jewish woman, Batsheva has broad based expertise in the wisdom of various cultures having traveled around the world including Tibet and India, as well as studying many other religious philosophies.  Her multicultural knowledge base attracts a wide variety of patients: religious Jews, Israelis, and people of diverse nationalities, and cultures.


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Batsheva Education

Batsheva’s mentor to her psychology career was the esteemed psychologist J.R. Kennedy, Ph.D., advisor to NASA and two presidential administrations. In addition to being a close friend of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Kennedy was the founder of The Center for Human Problems and The Malibu Research Group Center in California, a center known for it’s expertise in treating many mental health issues. Working as Dr. Kennedy’s research assistant, prior to opening her practice, Batsheva learned about the human psyche and the relationship between mind and body.

In recalling the importance of Dr. Kennedy’s role as her mentor, Batsheva says, “I believe when we meet people, we meet them for a reason. Dr. Kennedy started me on my spiritual journey encouraging me to fulfill my life’s dream of working in psychology.

Batsheva went on to train with the late, noted author, and family psychotherapist, Virginia Satir, before completing training in Emotional Complex Clearing (ECC) , eating disorders, essential nutrition during menopause, and imbalances in the endocrine system  She has since completed training under the auspices of Dr Patrick Carnes attaining CSAT certification as a trained sex addiction and trauma specialist. Batsheva has additionally received specialized certification under EMDRA in the use of EMDR as a modality to treat victims of complex trauma. She has received formalized training in newer psychotherapeutic tools including Somatic  intervention

As part of her continuing graduate education, Batsheva has attained certification in holistic psychotherapy intertwined with  healthy lifestyle and nutrition. It is based on the belief that the body is self-healing; that the body will repair itself and  recover from illness spontaneously if it is in a healthy environment.