Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is the art of getting a couple to communicate effectively. Batsheva Gruber-Nass (LMFT CSAT GMAT EMDR SI) is highly recognized for her ability to bring couples back to the table with tremendously high success rates in Queens & Long Island.

Better communication leads to greater intimacy. Batsheva will do everything in her skill set to help a couple attain levels of intimacy they could only dream of by using her problem solving skills as well as a deep commitment to the couple’s world.


Every person has their own way of communicating, especially the way they go about communicating love. For some it may be letters, affection and words. For others it may be specific actions like doing something for the other person. The key is to understand how your partner does this and be able to identify it. Accomplishing this and understanding their specific love language is key and a great ingredient for a happy marriage.


Never take your loved one for granted. This can be one of the most toxic traits in a relationship. As you start to become more comfortable with what is familiar, expectations start to form. In this complacent state, you will start to lose appreciation for your partner. Always be respectful to them and remember how important the generous and helpful things that you do for each other are.


One of the most important things to having a successful marriage is to first be independently happy. Without this, it will be impossible to be happy in the relationship itself. Also, the absence of your significant other while doing things on your own will grow fondness and allow you to appreciate them more.


A lack of acceptance is known to be huge relationship exterminators. The idea that you are going to change a partner’s trait that is undesirable to you is simply a fantasy. Changing your perspective and learning to accept and love their weaknesses instead of letting them burden you will free you of the anxiety it brings you and allow you to experience a smoother ride with your partner.

Action Responsibility

This is a really simple one. When living your everyday lives, pay close attention to your successes and even more importantly, your failures and take responsibility for them. Especially if you’ve said or done anything hurtful to them, make sure you own up to it to let them understand that you realize your mistakes and intend to improve upon them.

Agree to Disagree

Having a great relationship absolutely does not mean that you have to agree on everything. Having different opinions and views on certain topics gives you the opportunity to respect your loved one’s opinion and to recognize that their view doesn’t have to be right or wrong, just plainly different.

These are just some of the simple yet very effective ways to keep your marriage in check. Using these easy to follow rules, you will undoubtedly see a major improvement in your relationship and experience your partner’s unconditional love until death do you part.


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